Kim Kardashian declared recently that she’s retiring one-sleeved dresses because she’s over them, or something. And if KimKard says it, then it must be so, right? So how do we feel about Bryce Dallas Howard’s attempt?

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In theory, I like it — she looks slim yet curvy, and the color is nice on a redhead. I don’t even mind the ruffle, even though it’s evocative of a Miss USA pageant. But, regardless of what Kim Kardashian says, the one sleeve is kind of the least of the problems here: All that pulling in her boobular region makes it look like Bryce stayed in the bath too long and came out a dark-teal raisin. Look, I like raisins — in cookies, cereal, and cookies, but nowhere near my boobs unless I have dropped a cookie, some cereal, or a cookie on my shirt. Period.