I wonder if Angelina’s stylist is bored or energized by having to find so many different takes on the caftan.

Salt - UK Film Premiere - Inside Arrivals
It’s not that it’s HIDEOUS, it’s just… a lot, much like a lot of Angie’s other caftans, which are all artysy layers and flowy bits and things you’d expect a person to wear if she wanted you to pull her aside at the party and ask her if she can please make you a love potion and/or hex your landlord. I’m not sure I’d drink anything made by a woman whose left boob looks like it’s raining fabric — but then again, maybe she MADE it do that, meaning her magic is potent and real, like that of the dill pickle potato chip.
The back is even flowier:

Salt - UK Film Premiere - Inside Arrivals

The effect is very Lord of the Rings, like something you might wear if you need to appear in mystical aid of a very tired, scraggly hobbit, or if you just want to whisper sweet Elvish nothings in the ear of a sweaty but sexy adventurer. All of which is a lot like how I imagine her personal life: doing U.N. Goodwill Ambassador duties simply by appearing in soft-focus dream sequences driven by wind machines, and then coming home to Brad and making him put on his costume from Troy
The question is, though, is any of this a good thing? Personally, I like it better than the crazy Lady Voldemort thing she wore at one of the other junkets. But that’s not saying much.

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