Either I don’t understand this, or I think it’s cute, OR I don’t understand why I think it’s cute:
CHANEL & Karl Lagerfeld Celebrate Re-Opening of the CHANEL SOHO Boutique
Something about this just seems comfortably cute, like — if I had a spare $5,000 — I could throw it on and go see a movie, or go to a fancy dinner, or swan into the supermarket and buy ten pounds of brie and pate. Of course, I also recognize that on people who aren’t tall and skinny, that blocking could be a curve-slicing mess. But I prefer to believe the former, mostly because I don’t do NEARLY enough swanning into the pate section at Ralph’s, and I’m loath to part with the fantasy now.
I do, however, like this better than what Alexa wore the other night in London:

GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2010 - Outside Arrivals

Although I suppose if you’re going to stick your head through a wedding cake, you might as well do it in Ziggy Stardust’s lounging slippers. At least it might keep you laughing.
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