Midway through the ten-designer Project Runway show — everyone still left as of the last episode got to send a collection down the catwalk, so as not to reveal the finalists’ identities — there was a long, unscheduled pause. The lights stayed down, everything fell silent, and everybody started to get restless as we waited and waited for the cue that the next designer was about to come out and introduce his or her stuff. The longer it went, the more the photographers started to whistle in boredom. Jessica turned to me and said, “I bet it’s Gretchen creating some dumb drama back there.” And lo and behold, who should eventually emerge but Lady Sourpuss herself. And it was SO WORTH THE WAIT:

Project Runway - Runway - Spring 2011 MBFW
Girl, please. Rip off the skirt and paint it white, and you’ve got April’s diaper for which you and others so maligned her. Finalist or not, it’s a bold move to take your Lincoln Center strut in what amounts to a leotard. Gretchen’s a bit poncey, though, so she probably decided it was an homage to the ballet. Too bad for her that most people recoiled a bit and gasped when they realized they could see her bum cleavage, although frankly, she may not have minded, because you don’t wear something like this if you don’t want people to peer at it and squint and whisper. Mission accomplished, Gretchen. And if this fashion thing doesn’t end up working out for you, perhaps you can apply for a dance-hall instructor’s job in 1973.
Here’s a write-up of who else we saw at the Project Runway finale, which is mostly spoiler-free (especially since we don’t know know any actual plot spoilers) but does contain a couple offhand details about a handful of the collections, so click carefully.
And speaking of Runway, we also went to see Christian Siriano’s show; the slideshow is well worth a look, especially for the two super-dramatic final pieces, but our favorite part was singer Sia partying it up down in front.

And, finally, here is our write-up of Richie Rich’s eponymous show, which featured drag queens, confetti cannons, Tinsley Mortimer, and more. Or, in the case of some of the models’ ensembles: less. 

As a housekeeping note, Fugs and Pieces is taking a two-week break while we are at Fashion Week, and will return on Friday, September 24.