Sorry about how LONG it took me to get to all of these. I’m sure you’ll find a way to ENACT YOUR REVENGE, just in time for tonight’s finale. The most recent three episodes of this season were essentially: “I had someone killed!” “We all have secrets!” “Don’t do drugs!” “Trust no one!” “Simple glasses and/or a really basic wig makes for a great and foolproof disguise!” “I am your father, Luke!” “Don’t let your totally untrustworthy party planner catch you kissing the townie bartender!” “A simple classic sheath really DOES work for everything, including blackmail!” “It’s freakishly easy to get audio-video surveillance materials into the houses/offices of even the most paranoid families!” “Everyone in the Hamptons is unobservant to the point of  clinical illness,” and “SERIOUSLY. NEVER go to a party at the Graysons. EVER.” Also: there is literally no way Nolan is actually dead. I’m just saying. Let’s look at outfits!

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