It’s BACK. And I am going to start off by saying something that is possibly unpopular, and it is that I think Emily VanCamp was and continues to be miscast in this role. She is not bad as Emily — she is a good actress, and she’s clearly trying her hardest — but something about her performance is consistently a little flat for me.  She’s great at the emotional stuff, but the Internal Steely Core of Bad-Ass Revengery just isn’t there for me. I also worry that her relationship with Josh Bowman is slowly going to transform her into a creature as wooden as he is. We’ll know for certain if we hit a point in the season where neither of them is capable of fully closing their mouths.  Cross your fingers that doesn’t happen. But without further ado, here’s your first Revenge recap of this season, this time with way, WAY more plot, plus loads of shirtlessness. (Spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet. Obviously.)

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