You guys, this episode was SO VERY GOOD. It had all kinds of wonderfulness in it: kissing, both swoony and awkward! Proposals! Schemes! Bastards being called out! Mary deservedly getting her ass handed to her a bit! The discovery of truths! A masterclass in scene work from Dame Maggie Smith, international treasure! The Folly! Several wonderful hats and one TRULY HIDEOUS one! EVERYTHING. Except Matthew Goode. I am so tired of waiting for him. (One more episode to go.)

Note the usual: if you’ve seen the rest of this season, please don’t spoil us! WE’RE SO CLOSE TO THE END. To the Drawing Room!

PPS: I recapped this via the UK version (on iTunes) so I could get it done during Fashion Week, so PLEASE let me know if any scenes in the US version randomly contradicted any of this; I haven’t gotten a second to compare the two yet. ONWARD!