First of all, apologies that this is a wee bit later than usual — the Golden Globes shoved me down the Downton well and only just now fished me out. Point the second: I could not get the PBS app to work for me when I was taking screengrabs, so these are from the UK version of this episode (which is the only thing iTunes offers). I assume the US and UK versions are not WILDLY DIFFERENT — like, I can’t imagine the US version suddenly has a scene wherein Carson passionately kisses Thomas and then steals Isis before running off to America — but just so you know. Third: here’s my traditional NO SPOILERS language. Fourth: This episode boasts maybe my favorite thing Lady Mary has ever worn. Fifth: I promise we won’t be plugging this too incessantly, but I feel Downton viewers are the right demographic to actually care about this, and this week has been very busy, so in case you missed it, we revealed the cover of our new book, The Royal We, and we’re giving away three advanced copies. If you like thinking about making out with hot British people, you might enjoy it! Sixth: I’ve gone back to the slideshow format here because, for some reason, this show is easier to recap in slideshow (mostly because Julian Fellows likes to jump from short scene to shorter scene). But I’m not married to that. So prepare yourself for structural experiments this season!!! Aren’t you so excited? Seventh: I have A LOT OF NOTES about Gillingham v. Blake. Like, A LOT. Eighth: I forget what eight was for. Ninth: OH EDITH.