I have a LOT of comments about this episode, and they include: Why am I hanging out with Paul Giamatti so much all of a sudden? Since when is this thing a caper? Why can’t Julian Fellowes hire a British actor with a decent American accent? Is it really a Christmas Special if no one makes out? And, finally, why is it that the more I type “Christmas special,” the more I become sure that that’s what Julian Fellowes has named his handgun? That being said, Mary has a tremendous moment in this episode where I actually clapped with glee, and MY GOD, the clothes are FANTASTIC and the entire thing was beautifully shot and who doesn’t love a court presentation and tiaras and balls?!

FINALLY, thanks to you readers for being such an awesome and fun community of Downton fans this year. I am going to try to recap earlier episodes of the series over the summer, when we have fewer celeb events to tackle, if people would be interested, to MURDER time until we get to see the new season, but until then: cheers, and try not to push anyone down the well.