HAPPY HALLOWEEN! China Chow here is celebrating by doing her hair like that little girl in The Ring.

(By the way, did you know that if you Google Image Search for The Ring, like the second item that comes up is Jessica Szhor on a particularly Bad Extensions day? That has got to sting. As has being canned from Gossip Girl. Although that show is CRACKED OUT lately, so maybe she got lucky.)

At least China Chow’s hair is enviably lustrous, even if she is kind of dressed like a Art Deco Clown who’s been recently attacked by whoever’s in charge of all the formal shorts on Hart of Dixie.

And then at judging….

Apparently, it was Legs Night on last week’s Work of Art. I support that — legs are some of our hardest working limbs and thus should be celebrated — but this feels VERY short to me, and, in a weird twist of fate, actually seems to make her LOOK shorter. Is there anything more cruel than when our wardrobe turns on us?

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