I really do love Kristin Scott Thomas:

Remember the end of Four Weddings and a Funeral, wherein it is revealed that her character ends up with Prince Charles? I wish they’d go back and re-master that movie — it was, after all, fifteen years old this year (yes, we’re all old) — and re-jigger that part so that she instead ends up with Prince Harry. Her character is so cool in that movie, and stupid Hugh Grant still ends up with Andie McDowell. This, of course, is only a problem because Andie McDowell is truly wretched in that movie. I guarantee the following: Gather a group of reasonably pop-culture-savvy thirtysomething year old women and ask them to name the most poorly delivered line in the history of the romantic comedy. They will chorus, “is it raining? I hadn’t noticed.” I promise you.

ANYWAY. Like her fellow three-named Brit actress Helena Bonham Carter, KST seems pretty awesome. She got to roll around in a bathtub with Ralph Fiennes at the height of his hotness, for one thing.  And so I wish this dress did her more justice. She is classy-looking and very gamine and it just feels old.

HOWEVER. It feels entirely different under different lights. BEHOLD:

This could be due to the flash, or this could be WHOLLY intentional, given recent trends toward mega-sheerness — and that it looks sheer-ISH in the earlier shot. Regardless:

We can't let this pass without a vote:

  • I love it regardless. (9%, 498 Votes)
  • I hate it, regardless. (38%, 1,987 Votes)
  • I hope it IS sheer on purpose: that's way better. (20%, 1,039 Votes)
  • I plan to pretend the transparency is an accident of the flash, because it's better the other way. (33%, 1,763 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,287

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