At first, I saw Pink in this and thought, “Oh, Pink. That’s so Pink.”

But… is it? It occurs to me that I actually have NO IDEA if Pink is the kind of person who would show up at an event in a tie-dyed drop cloth. In fact, I realize now, I wouldn’t have pictured this at ALL, unless it was a blouse that she paired with leather pants and impossibly bad-ass boots. It’s possible I don’t know Pink anymore, beyond her affinity for death-defying aerial acts. PINK. Let us rekindle our relationship. And when we do, I will admit to you that this thing would have been way better if you’d lopped off the sleeves and made someone give it a proper waist. And then you will hand me a beer — it will be none other than the Champagne of Beers, Miller High-Life, of course — and we will make our own hummus and play Bananagrams before some spirited street hockey, and maybe do some gardening, and knit a hat, and then hit things you don’t like anymore with sledgehammers. Just to make sure that I leave that meeting finding you even more of an enigma: “Wait… what is Pink? What isn’t Pink?” And then we’ll do it all over again. Great! I’ll get a head start: SERIOUSLY, for real, lose the sleeves.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]