I dearly love Mae Whitman. She is wonderful in basically everything, will make you laugh and cry and laugh-cry, and — accent skills presumed — would make a great Cilla in the mythical Royal We movie. Actually, that’s heightist of me (Cilla and Mae are both wee). She’d make an equally fun Bex.

This MIGHT be the first thing I don’t adore her in:

And yes, I’m talking about the platform sandals. The suit, I just don’t know. I mean, it’s INSANE: It’s a bunch of sketches of a crabby naked lady, and then occasionally one smiling one who might be wearing a boutonniere, which would mean it’s basically taped to her skin. (If you click on the photo and then click again to magnify, you can see it.) Mae certainly brought an unimpeachable lipstick game with it, and her confidence in this sartorial cartoon strip is super charming. So much so that it, and my affection for her, are the ONLY reasons I am not rolling my eyes right now. I can’t decide if this is actually amusing, or whether it’s one of those things that gets a grin for five minutes but then in the end the joke is ultimately on her.


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