So, one of the tidbits from the Emmys that we never got to use anywhere is that Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock mentioned a Web site called… well, a filthy mash-up of his name and Jessica Chastain’s… that is dedicated to imagining the two of them as a couple via inserting their heads into photos of other couples. I find that both hilarious and… incredibly DEDICATED… and it has absolutely nothing to do with this outfit except that I guess maybe this head will pop up somewhere else on the Internet atop, like, a photo of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

I do love a polka-dot dress, but something about the proportions of the blazer and the ruthless efficiency of those shoes gives it all an Air Hostess vibe. But, you know, a First Class attendant who brings you warm cookies and free cocktails and asks you about your day and then gossips with you about what celebrities she’s seen disappear into the lavatories with their companions, and not the mean kind who yell at you if you are desperate to use the bathroom before they have parked the drink cart and then ram said cart straight through your arm without another word.

What do you make of it?

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  • I think it's another one that SHOULD be better but somehow ISN'T (54%, 3,186 Votes)
  • Scrap it. Start again. (19%, 1,119 Votes)

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