We probably need some kind of code word for, “Don’t worry — we are, now and forever, relieved that Elle Fanning’s quirky sense of style is not some kind of literally naked ploy for attention and/or that she does not look like some kind of homeless Miley/Lohan hybrid.” That’s a lot to type each time. At the very least I need to assign it a macro on my computer.

However, just because she doesn’t look like a street urchin or a runaway teen prostitute, doesn’t mean I think this particularly works either. It’s very… grim. She looks ripped out of a hybrid children’s book wherein her character attends a French boarding school, has some adventures that lead to a series of unfortunate events, lands in an orphanage run by a hag who serves cold mush, dares to ask for some more and is cast off into the street, becomes a pickpocket, meets a little boy who lives in a clock, gets adopted by a rich bald man, and then spends a bunch of time in the imaginary land she accessed through an old wardrobe. That is a lot for one outfit to evoke. Maybe… if she lost the hat?

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