Zoe has skipped all the Star Trek Beyond premieres to date — although she’s been doing plenty of TV and radio promo — and I am glad she popped out of the house for this one:

I was kind of unmoved by this at first glance, but now that I’ve really looked at it, I decided that it’s great. I use the word “tactile” a lot on GFY as a compliment, but I really do like it when a dress doesn’t feel flat, and there’s so much visual interest happening here. You know how we all have that one friend whose wedding had a totally bonkers dress code — like “Summer Amish,” or “Western Cocktail,” or “Formal Casual,” just something where you read the invite and think, “what does that even mean?” Well, somehow this dress manages to be perfectly Formal Casual. It’s obviously fancy — it surely cost a fortune — but it seems basically easy-breezy, I-just-threw-this-on, I-just-look-like-this. And by “this,” I do mean basically perfect.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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