You guys, I just had this amazing moment where I thought that the black tulle cape attached to this dress was actually majestic, Rapunzel-ish hair:

And I had this entire mental image wherein Zoe conference-called her parents and was like, “Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz, do you guys think I should wear my hair SUPER long tonight? Like, Crystal Gayle long?” and Lisa and Lenny were totally into it. (In my imagination, Lenny is always trying to get people to wear his wings to events and is ergo very supportive of anyone’s wacky red carpet plans.) And so I am a little disappointed to find out that it is not. Also, it looks a wee bit like she might have attached a shower curtain to the back of her dress:

But the dress itself IS SO GLORIOUS. I might be tempted to give the whole thing a thumbs up. What do you think?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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