Do we have a (potential) Ginnifer Goodwin situation here — as in , did somebody stupidly give Rooney Mara a complex about her smile — or do we think she’s still in Lisbeth Salander gloomy-guts mode?

There is something unusual and pretty about the main dress, but the torso awning seems so stiff and overly artsy on her, like it’s yelling so hard in the name of making a statement that it’s not paying attention to what the statement actually is. The spacey remove of the wearer doesn’t sell it. I’m not saying she has to be Little Miss Sunshine if she isn’t, but a hint of a smile would be nifty. Maybe she hates that she made this movie, which I keep calling Drugs Are Bad, Mmmkay, but her career won’t be dead by its hand. So even if her shoulders look like a flower arrangement being laid atop someone’s coffin, she shouldn’t mourn like she’s at an ACTUAL funeral.

Her sister wasn’t super cheerful either, and went the opposite end of the color spectrum:

It’s a fairly clean LBD, with a flared skirt for fun. I like it well enough; I’m not sure there’s enough to feel passionate about in either direction, though. I would have loved a dramatic lip on her, and although the shoes are a little crazy with the soles, I like that it adds some spice. She should’ve given Rooney some advice on that front; hers are perfectly serviceable daytime pumps but that dress needed something with more oomph. This round may go to Kate on that alone.

Whose is your favorite?

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  • Kate's (58%, 2,281 Votes)
  • Neither (17%, 655 Votes)
  • Both! (9%, 358 Votes)
  • I have adjustments. Let's talk. (4%, 156 Votes)

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