Look how TALL she looks in this.

The color is awesome, too; the one black strap seemed random and weird at first, or at least strangely lonely, but then it turns out the back is woven in a way that’s really eye-catching. So maybe the moment of discord in the front it worth it, especially because rest of it is so flattering on her. And smartly chosen: It’s got SUCH a beachy feel, and I swear, Shailene Woodley seems like someone who, in another universe, would just live in a tent on the beach. Like, I feel like the really chill parts of Lost would really appeal to her as a lifestyle: fishing with a spear, fashioning a residence out of fronds, opening the occasional can of something that was in the mysterious hatch, communing with an all-powerful being made of smoke, etc. Basically, all of Lost minus the murdery people and the whole plane crash bummer.

[Photo: Getty]