That important newsflash out of the way, let’s talk about Ms Gomez and…whatever it is she’s wearing here. It seems to be what would happen if a penguin and a tap-dancing costume had a baby. She’s certainly got the youthful sass (and legs) for it, and I’m certainly not the sort of woman who is really going to ding a girl for going a little tap-dance-y. Who, after all, doesn’t want to occasionally get gussied up like she’s about to shuffle off to Buffalo? Who DOESN’T wake up and think, “What would Liza Minnelli wear if she were seventy years younger and there was a severe fabric shortage in New York, but she still had to SPARKLE?” Who doesn’t sometimes think, “I am going to make David Letterman wonder if I’m about to flash him. HEAR THAT BIEBER? DEAL WITH IT.” These are universal emotions for us as humans.

So I’m going to give this one to Selena. What do you think?

[Photo: Splash]