Scarlett Johansson looks about as bored as I’ve ever seen her.

Seriously, her last couple red carpet events she’s seemed barely there, like she’s flipped a switch and so her body is present but her mind is in Tahiti, or in rigging Blake Lively’s airbag to explode with shaving cream when she opens the door. As for the Rodarte she’s wearing, there’s something groovy and jungly about it, but I’m a little perplexed by the front piece:

That sucker looks like she spilled something down the front of the ACTUAL dress and stapled a piece of similarly themed fabric to her torso to cover it. There is a whole other argument happening in my head about whether those shoes are unforgivable clodhoppers, or whether it actually needs a heavy shoe to anchor it that isn’t also a boring pump, and what shoes I would put there if I had the choice… it’s a really long discussion and it’s not going anywhere, like wandering through a corn maze and realizing you’ve hit the same dead end three times. But mostly, I’m tossing around the dress. I can’t tell if it’s groovy, or a craft project. I need you.

Call it:

  • Groovy (14%, 739 Votes)
  • Craft project (60%, 3,091 Votes)
  • Both? (25%, 1,290 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,121

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