I will be clear about one thing: Sara Ramirez is fab. As skeptical as I am about the Grey’s Anatomy Musical Event — which is to say, DEEPLY and FACE-CLUTCHINGLY unsure if I will be able to watch it unless it’s through my fingers — she is incredibly talented (just listen to her kill it on the Spamalot soundtrack) and doesn’t get credit for also being rather stunning.

Sing it with me: HOWEVER…

As much as I want to like this — and as badly as I want to invite her out for cocktails to ask about whether Dan Radcliffe was really any good in this and is Katherine Heigl a hurricane of heinousness and is Patrick Dempsey’s hair all that fascinating anymore really — it seems like maybe Sara is too lopsided in this ensemble.

The stiff-looking configuration of hair is one thing, but it’s on the same side of her head as all those flapping ruffles (which themselves are failing to hide that maybe this bodice doesn’t fit as well as it could). When you have a dress that busy up top, I tend to think it’s better not to get terribly artsy with how much of your hair is up or down, or else it ends up a competition. And nobody wins those races. And that is a big reason soccer hasn’t taken off in this country — because sometimes there either isn’t a winner, or nobody is scoring, or worse, BOTH, and at least in hockey there is an 80 percent chance of fisticuffs (and also an 80 percent change of a ton more goals than on a soccer pitch, which if you think about it is really weird, since a hockey goal is much smaller and the goalie is wearing about a hundred pounds more equipment to help eat up the space [and also save him from being killed by a puck, but you get my point]).

So… maybe this is the soccer of ensembles? Is that my point? That it’s THERE and it’s HAPPENING but it’s hard to get excited about it? Maybe. Or maybe I’m just addicted to sports.

Save me from myself:

  • Love it (21%, 1,876 Votes)
  • Would have loved it with different hair, or that hair with a simple neckline (49%, 4,281 Votes)
  • Yuck (8%, 666 Votes)
  • A GREY'S ANATOMY 'MUSICAL EVENT'?!? (18%, 1,614 Votes)
  • I KNOW RIGHT?!? (4%, 377 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,814

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