I’ve got nothing.

This isn’t captivating me. The way the lace bunches on her body, I keep thinking I can see black panties. And the sleeves seem like they might be bereft without two batons bedecked with streamers to wave around in the air, as several Olympics spectators look angrily at their tickets and wonder why they never noticed they bought seats to the wrong damn gymnastics event. But Penelope Cruz herself looks amazing, and with that face and body she could make wearing a cape made of dog collars look like a decent idea. Hence my indecision. There is no frothy rage, but there is no fizzy enchantment either. It’s like half-drunk Champagne gone flat, and stuck in the fridge for so long that it’s basically just tart water.

I don't even know what I'm saying.

  • You should say, "I love it." (22%, 1,897 Votes)
  • You should say, "This is... okay." (39%, 3,383 Votes)
  • You should say, "NOOOOOOO," and cover your eyes melodramatically (14%, 1,166 Votes)
  • You should go buy a fresh bottle of Champagne and finish it this time. (25%, 2,159 Votes)

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