Man, they are really making Penelope Cruz earn her air miles on this Pirates tour. Here she is at yet another event:

I just misread that as “mistletoe,” as if this Pirates sequel takes place around the holidays and is all about Captain Jack finding the true meaning of Christmas with, like some watery Grinch with a penchant for snogging. Sadly, that is not what it says. And sadly, I can’t tell if Penelope is wearing a jumpsuit or separates. Although it may not matter, since her lack of feet sort of bone any interest I might have had in the trousers anyway. Would this have been better as a skirt, or marmy (or Marmee)? Or is it actually secretly kind of okay as-is, missing feet and all? Maybe she lost them in a tragic mistletoe accident.

This one, I totally understand. She’s tired! Might as well wear the nightie to the party so she doesn’t have to change before bed.

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