I can’t decide why Olivia Wilde went with the headpiece here, except that maybe she thought “va-va-voom veiled Valentino for Vinyl” had a pleasingly alliterative ring.

She doesn’t look bad; it’s just unusual for an event like this, where you’d expect her to be her more casual-hipster self. Instead she looks like the hated estranged cousin who shows up at your husband’s funeral weeping just a bit too loudly, clutching a photo of a child who looks just a bit too familiar, slurping her mourning martinis just a bit too loudly, showing her sideboob a bit too enthusiastically. That way lies a cat fight in a lily pond. Of which I am all in favor, to be sure, but like I said: at this event, from this lady, it’s a surprise.

I’m sure it’s just the angle, but it looks for all the world like Sudeikis is taking pictures SPECIFICALLY of her boobs. Which you’d think he wouldn’t need to do on a red carpet, but maybe it’s for a Cleavage Around The World collage.

[Photos: Getty]