Well, if Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis hadn’t announced that they’ve got a baby en route, I never would have guessed it. I’d worry I was losing my freakish ability to spot pregnant celebs, if we hadn’t been right about the other Olivia (Pope). Thank God I have other skills to fall back on anyway, like, uh, I’m sure there’s something.  Remembering minute details of long-ago Passions plotlines and being good at doing the voices when reading children’s books aloud and knowing where all the good fried chicken sandwiches are? Those are useful, right?

ANYWAY, here she is:

The shoes are olive green, which you can’t really tell here, and which I really appreciate. I actually think this is quite pretty on her, although it’s so chilly tonight in LA (yes, even here) that I keep thinking she needs to put on a jacket. And also I think this was the wallpaper in my parents’ bedroom for a long time, so maybe what I really find it is comforting. What do you think?

[Photo: Getty]