I read somewhere recently that Natasha has started working with a new stylist. I wish I could remember where, to link to it, but the person basically said for us to get ready for some higher-fashion moments.

She’s delivering:

Whether you like this or not, there is no denying this is more sophisticated and polished than most of what she has worn since Orange Is The New Black debuted. As much as I want a fellow curlyhead to let her spirals fly, the bangs actually look REALLY cute on her. She shoes are funky, and tie in the clutch to the dress. The ring plays off the earrings without being too matchy. There’s a bracelet. And what the dress loses from being a bit shapeless throughout, it gains from having a funky geometric cut. I have to say, I think she looks fabulous — or at the very least, it’s piquing my appetite for what she’ll do next.

[Photo: Getty]