I have a lot of thoughts that don’t really have anything to do with her dress:

a) Her face looks GREAT! (Although her expression here is a little goofy; this was one of the shots I had where you could really see the dress.)

b) I can’t wait to watch Jupiter Ascending on a plane.  I asked Heather what was wrong with Channing’s face in it, and she said, so very calmly, “well, he’s part dog.” SOLD!

c) I have feelings for those shoes, although I’ve banned myself from buying any more ankle-strap shoes because I have too many of them. Because of THE FEELINGS.

d) Her boob really wants to make a run for it. Her boob has heard that she gets to hit the open bar tonight and it’s READY TO GET OVER THERE ALREADY.

e) The is one of those dresses that looks like she forgot the dress that goes on top of it, but that doesn’t necessarily make me enraged. In fact, I might kind of like it.


[Photo: Getty]

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