I like all three individual pieces of this dress.

Love the white pattern, love the black pattern — woudn’t even mind them intermixed alone – and love the dots. I might not even hate the theory of them all together, or one of the top two pieces with the bottom. But this particular design feels a little suffocating to her chest. The middle is boned, and looks like a corseted cummerbund, which may account for why it feels like she’s tightly wrapped (because indeed she is). And yet with ALL THAT — the boob-squish, the patterns I’m not sure about — I still think she looks pretty good. Maybe it’s just that Oscar de la Renta can sell me on anything. I really DO think I wish I could see this without the fancy back brace, though. I wish I could mix and match and shuffle things around; maybe OdlR needs to make Fashion Plates.

Megan is clearly into the structured dresses right now, because she wore another one on The Tonight Show:

This one, I am a whole lot less into — the grey and the orange piping are great, in theory, but in practice it looks like she tied ribbon around herself just to add visual interest to a dress that otherwise isn’t that well-made and doesn’t fit. Designers: Sometimes adding stuff doesn’t fix the problem; it just sits on top of it, yawning, waiting to be excused.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]

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