Maika here — most notably from It Follows (I originally said The Bling Ring because I remembered her from some premieres, but I haven’t seen the movie and it turns out she’s hardly in it…) — plays the role Mae Whitman had in the original, and which producers unsatisfyingly and lamely did not invite her to reclaim. Which I STRENUOUSLY disagree with and dislike, but none of that is Maika’s fault; I’m just giving it to you for context, as she’s not a household name yet. That may change if this sequel is any good.

Speaking of good (look at that transition; smooth as a poorly shaven leg):

This is actually more of a scrolldown for me, given that I love the pattern and accept everything about this until we get to what I call a prairie hem. Others call it a bedskirt, or a dust ruffle, or perhaps even whatever the actual technical fashion name is for it. To me, those types of hems always subtract sophistication from a garment, in a very Little House kind of way. This had a lot of perfectly good things happening that didn’t need the fuss; I wish it had a clean line all the way down. But my opinion on Ye Olde Prairie Hem admittedly tends to be universally negative — conversely some of you, as evidenced by the one on the Duchess of Cambridge’s flowered Erdem from October, are more conditionally tolerant or even supportive — and so I put this to you: Is this great the way it is, or am I right to feel like I want to reject all hand-churning of butter as a pathetic act of protest?

You call it:

  • Love it as-is (21%, 875 Votes)
  • FIX THE HEM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (71%, 2,890 Votes)
  • I have other problems with it, actually (8%, 322 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,087

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]