Lily James is in a new Alba Rohrbacher movie called Finally Dawn or (Finalmente l’alba), about one night in the life of an aspiring actress. It also stars Joe Keery, and I’m curious how their energy will meld. Anyhoo: She wore this ruffly Valentino to the premiere, and it’s making me indecisive. Sometimes I think it’s really pretty, and sometimes I think it looks… like a discount knockoff of a ruffly Valentino, possibly one made of recycled garters. Is it possible that it needs something around the waist to break it up a little?

At the photocall, she went all business:

My issue here isn’t so much how she looks, as what she’s wearing: Are we really ready to go back to pleat-front high-rise pants and large shoulders? And, more pressingly, why does it look like she tucked a blazer in like it’s a blouse? She surely didn’t, right? It’s just an aggressive shirt that’s… designed to look like it’s a blouse? WHY are we crossing these streams. HELP.

[Photos: Franco Origlia, Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images]