I find it fascinating who they get to come to these things. Mark Ruffalo strikes me as a pretty popular dude and also one who might be like, “Don’t make a MASSIVE fuss,” which may be how they landed on Jennifer Garner? She co-starred with him in 13 Going on 30 and then 2022’s The Adam Project, neither of which are his biggest movies by any stretch; I would have thought they’d get, say, Willem Dafoe, since they’re in Poor Things together, or if they had to, an Avenger. But they got Garner, and I do think they are friendly, but J.Gar also does seem like the relaxing choice — like everyone’s calming, anti-stress pal who will always show up for you and keep you loose, and you’ll go get In-N-Out afterward and feel very normal even though your name is now on the sidewalk.

[Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]