I actually was going to give this a full Well Played, because I think this is pretty damn fetching.

But then I decided Fug Nation should get to gnaw on it a bit, in poll form, given that we’ve been begging Lena to pull it together for such a long time now. Her hair and makeup are cute, the dress is as springy as I think everyone on the East Coast is eager to be (yeah, it’s not WARM there yet, but after such a rough winter a little optimism isn’t going amiss for me), and I actually really love the whimsy of the polka-dot shoes with a striped frock. I pause a little on the fact that the basic shoe is a Champagne satin, which looks dirty even a leg’s length away from the dress itself, but I’m otherwise extremely optimistic. And of course feeling pangs of loss for the reliable raft of fuggery she floated on before — this site creates a complex relationship between tugger and fuggee, in which we both want them to change for their own sakes and NEVER WANT THEM TO CHANGE, EVER, for ours — but let’s put this sucker to a vote and see if you’re all as stoked as I am, or if it’s just the Cadbury’s Mini-Eggs talking.

Bring it:

  • This is SO CUTE. Brava, Lena. (65%, 4,614 Votes)
  • This is better, but not great. (27%, 1,961 Votes)
  • This is soooooo average. (4%, 305 Votes)
  • BOOOOOO. (4%, 254 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,134

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