Somebody’s got some mischief afoot.

But first, I need to know: How long does it take to get all that navy eyeliner off at night? Because that stuff is RIGHT up in there on your lids, where for sure no cotton in MY house dares to scrub. Professional makeup: Not for the faint of heart. (Nor eye.) Now, let’s have a look at the rest of you. What are you hiding, minx? What’s your secret?

Huh. Well, if you keep standing that way, it won’t be a secret for long, if you catch my drift.

But what of the overall dress?

  • Actually sort of great (10%, 1,137 Votes)
  • Bleccccccch (32%, 3,814 Votes)
  • It's... fine. I guess. Maybe. (7%, 856 Votes)
  • It needs to be longer, and then we'll talk. (51%, 5,969 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,779

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