Never let it be said that Wiig can’t surprise us:

I never thought she had it in her. Two colors AND some detail AND a bright lipstick? It’s like slept with Roy G. Biv and found it mildly pleasurable. And part of me actually feels affectionately toward this crazy thing, with its hip shroud and its nip darts and its strange drapes-like heaviness; the other part of me wants to teleport her to a simpler time when she can plot to murder someone’s ruling monarch and install her nubile young sister on the throne.


  • This is awesome or at least crazy in a fun way (12%, 945 Votes)
  • This is awesome, considering her usual rut (8%, 607 Votes)
  • This is crazy in a way that has potential, but I have notes (21%, 1,710 Votes)
  • Nooooooooooo (59%, 4,770 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,032

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