It would be inaccurate if I didn’t note that I LOVE those shoes:

It’d also be inaccurate if I didn’t note that I think this is what Maria von Trapp looked like during that dark period when she and the Captain were passing themselves off as particularly stern household staff members. (That was AFTER they thwarted the Nazis and climbed over the Alps to safety, and therefore not in the movie. It was also not in the movie because I just made it up.) So it’s like one of those things where it’s both EXTREMELY SERIOUS and also possibly secretly sort of charming? But probably not, because since when has a Stern, Serious Housekeeper been charming, except, obviously, in the movies? But then maybe a little, because Maria von Trapp is automatically a little charming, even when she’s wearing curtains. So, what I’m saying is, I’m totally confused by my feelings and I’m pretty sure I need to have her pop on by and make sure my linen closet is in order and my scullery maids haven’t ruined my laundry press.


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