Hey guys,

So, this is going to be fun! This week, Heather and I are judging a contest that’s being run by Piperlime, via their Facebook page. See? Here we are, looking all judgey and whatnot:

As you can see, the contest is called Crimes of Fashion, and I think it’s going to be very entertaining. How does it work? Well, we’ve all got stuff in our closets that we’d rather forget we ever bought, right? (In college, I had a brief period where I decided it would be really cute if I wore a shiny, red, soccer jersey. A) It was the ’90s; B) IT WAS NOT CUTE.) And if you are a hoarder — like I am — you probably still have your Horrifying Item lurking in the back of your closet somewhere.  Snap a pic, drop by Piperlime’s Facebook page to upload it, and we deem your item the fugliest of all, you’ll win a $500 Piperlime shopping spree. Think of all the jerseys you could buy with $500! (I’m kidding. Don’t do what I did. SAVE YOURSELF.)

The contest runs through Tuesday, May 17, and the winner will be announced on the 18th. Want to enter? Pop on over to Piperlime’s Facebook page and get fugly with it.