Kristen loves a crazy suit, and here’s another one:

Is it crazy that I like it? I realize it MIGHT be a tad much with the blazer and the pants, but the loud pattern is a mix of good colors, and frankly makes me smile. And, she wore a shirt under this one, which helps tremendously (a sentence that should not need to be written).

I have some nitpickery to get out of the way, like: If the pants are NOT tapered, shouldn’t they be a TAD longer? If they hit at the ankle I think they need the taper or else they just look like she’s growing out of them. This also might have looked cool with a dark red/burgundy or green pump, or silver. It isn’t BAD with black, because of the piping on the coat; I’m just curious how that would have looked. I’m on sass patrol, people. I’m trying to force-feed Maximum Sass.

[Photo: Getty]