First of all, I’d like to note that these recent screenings of Snow White and the Huntsman have been distressingly Hemsworth-free. Yeah, yeah, he’s gone to a couple of them and blah blah blah he has a tiny little baby at home and yada yada yada this Sam Clafin person they’ve trotted out recently was probably all, “HELLO I AM IN THIS MOVIE TOO” but….I mean, you feel me. Release the Hems!

At least K Stew is making her dutiful appearances. She was just in Cannes, and this is from last night in Westwood, and that means: girlfriend is tired.

I don’t hate this. I think it’s kind of fun in a Hot for Teacher Sexy Buttoned Up Beginning of an 80s Hair Metal Video kind of way, where eventually she takes off the blazer to reveal that her mock turtleneck is SLEEVELESS and also BACKLESS and then she takes out her hair and then she crawls over a desk. She SHOULD, however, be wearing glasses for that vision to be complete. That being said, it is summer. This doesn’t feel very seasonable reasonable.

What do you think?

  • Love it! But for, like, October in Los Angeles, not May. (47%, 3,876 Votes)
  • Love it FOR ALWAYS. (18%, 1,457 Votes)
  • I dislike it for every page of the calendar, my friends. (20%, 1,615 Votes)
  • WE WANT HEMS! (16%, 1,314 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,262

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