I continue to be pleased that Kiki Dunst is back in action:

And I kind of like this. I suspect I might like it better if it were shorter, but I also think Dunst has the sort of slouchy vibe that means she can carry off the length without looking like she’s trying too hard.   It also, I think, falls into the This Fabric Would Be An Adorable Purse Lining category (a close relative of I Wish This Were Wallpaper). That’s a compliment. Well, it’s a compliment from me.

What do you think?

  • I loathe this. LOATHE IT. (11%, 1,023 Votes)
  • Eh. (24%, 2,344 Votes)
  • It's adorable! (52%, 5,026 Votes)
  • It's in some nether world between "eh" and the other two options. To the comments! (13%, 1,267 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,665

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