There is something entertaining to me about a (rather unattractive actually) photo of Jimmy Kimmel riding a child’s tricycle, juxtaposed with Kiernan Shipka arguably wearing a giant bib.

She looks better in her childlike accoutrement than he does — being only about a heartbeat into her teens helps with that — and once again, she is basically the only person on whom a sixties-infused bib could work. Especially once you throw in the semi-matching purse and psychedelic shoes. I think any fab votes I would give this are due more to her Shipkaism than to the garment itself, but then again, every outfit has its context and maybe this is its love match.

Your turn:

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  • I love HER, and therefore like this well enough (46%, 2,009 Votes)
  • She deserves more (21%, 906 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,356

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[Photo: Getty]