I feel like I ought to hate this WAY more than I actually do.

I mean, it’s midriff-baring lace bolero-top thingie. I should hate this with an intense and fiery power, a hatred so profound that, like, acid streams from beneath my fingernails and my hair bursts into flames. And yet my hair is not aflame. In fact, I almost….like it on her.


  • That happened a long time ago, girl. (11%, 1,242 Votes)
  • Yes. This is terrible. (35%, 4,027 Votes)
  • Maybe a little bit. This really doesn't work. (24%, 2,747 Votes)
  • Maybe we both have, because I ALSO like it. (25%, 2,869 Votes)
  • Your mind is FINE. AS IS SHE SEE WHAT I DID THERE? (5%, 607 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,492

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