I admit that I think her hair looks great. I have an appointment with my hair guru on Thursday to deal with my (many) grey hairs, and I may very well be bringing this photo in For Discussion. (He gets the final say, because that’s how we roll.) And the truth is that I have rather missed Keira. It seems weird to have a holiday season without a Keira Knightley movie where she wanders around looking angst-y in a series of really gorgeous period costumes. Luckily, she’s in a movie coming out next year about the cracking of the Enigma code with Benedict Cumberbatch and Matthew Goode, which seems about exactly right.

I’m not in complete love with this dress — it’s a little musty-dusty to me, especially with those sleeves. But! The Daily Mail (I know; also, I think they should change the name of that publication to The Daily Mail I KNOW for those of us who often feel the need to defend the fact that we’re about to source The Daily Mail) also suspects, and I think in this at least they may be correct, that it is her wedding dress. And THAT I find charming. The whole beauty of a wedding dress that doesn’t scream THIS IS MY WEDDING DRESS is that you can wear your wedding dress — hopefully your favorite dress ever — without people coming up to you and going, “ARE YOU WEARING YOUR WEDDING DRESS?” Although if you want to start wearing a giant white ballgown to the office, honestly, who am I to stop you? It IS the holidays.

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