It’s entirely possible that I have been deeply brainwashed by Fug Madness — which continues tomorrow! — and now when I can see anything that’s not, like, horns protruding out of someone’s elbows worn with a coconut bra and a grill comprised of old Budweiser platinum caps, my reaction is automatically kind of positive. But the truth is that I might think I like this.

I clearly cannot be trusted. What do you think?

  • She looks great. (24%, 943 Votes)
  • SHE looks great, but this is a dress that works only on very specific people. So I have GLOBAL CONCERNS. (47%, 1,830 Votes)
  • I hate this. BOOOOO. (29%, 1,136 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,909

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Tags: Katy Perry