The new tradition around these parts is to first admire Miss Holmes’s face, I think:

From this angle, this entire thing is very balletic — remember when Katie Holmes was pretending she was A Great Dancer? Not that she’s a abjectly BAD dancer, but from what I can recall, she was basically like That Girl In Your High School Who Dances Competently But She Basically Landed That Part In The Musical Thanks To Charm So Don’t Worry About Saving Her A Spot, ABT. (That link goes to a YouTube video of her “Get Happy” performance on So You Think You Can Dance and I think she suffered from comparison with actual dancer dancers; that said, it’s a GREAT reminder of how good that bob haircut was on her). Apparently, the memo for The Giver premiere-goers was, “wear pink!”

Let’s see the whole thing:

I actually suspect that this is GORGEOUS in person.

Please tell me YOUR suspicions:

  • I suspect it's good all over the place. (46%, 2,053 Votes)
  • I suspect it's great in person, but a little lackluster when photographed. (43%, 1,923 Votes)
  • LACKLUSTER!!!!! (11%, 481 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,457

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