It is a truth universally acknowledged here at GFY that, with a few exceptions (proving the rule), everyone looks hotter in sunglasses. But rarely have we been given such an opportunity to judge once and for all. Thank you, Kate Bosworth. For this, and for Blue Crush.

First, we have our subject wearing sunglasses, and some honestly groovy shoes:

And without — although, with apologies to The Bos, I must note that I just realized she’s making a bit of a doofy face here, so account for that when making your decision:

I feel like, the sunglasses just tie everything together. It truly is a shame that you cannot wear them at night without (a) looking like a dillhole, (b) walking into things, (c) enduring Corey Hart jokes.

PS: I really liked this top until I realized the collar was magicked from illusion netting and flesh. Let’s never speak of it again.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet.]