Dude, I didn’t even know Kate Bosworth had a movie coming out! I assumed she was just….being Kate Bosworth around town, which I guess would involve a lot of yoga and facial products and thinking about Orlando Bloom and where it all went wrong. And yet, here she is at The French Film Festival That Isn’t Cannes, in support of Kate Bosworth’s New Movie.

I kind of dig the dress. I feel like this is what you wear when you’ve having a “casual” wedding for your second marriage — by the pool at your giant, glorious Palm Springs house, obviously — and that casual second wedding ends up costing like six million dollars because your “casual” desserts are cupcakes with gold-leaf paper holders and you rented swans to take people’s wraps.

And this is what you wear when you kill off Husband Number Two and have to attend the funeral in something demure but also subtly sexy, in case Husband Number Three is also attending:

Admire her all you like, but watch out for her potato salad. It’s deadly.

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