Kat Dennings here is at the premiere of Thor 2: Let’s Get Hammered, but with the decoration that looks like a destroyed city and her desolate expression, it looks like an ad.

Maybe one of those incomprehensible perfume ads by Calvin Klein that I used to cherish. “Symmetry: dead. The dark cloud crookedly cupping my wonders has seeped, unbidden, onto my metal shroud. Will serenity live? Did I defrost the chicken for dinner? Is there a tango without whiskey and foxtrot? No expression. Calvin Klein’s NO EXPRESSION.”

But the dress?

  • It's my OBSESSION. (13%, 517 Votes)
  • It is my DARK OBSESSION. (20%, 758 Votes)
  • I wish she could ESCAPE it (43%, 1,657 Votes)
  • It will take me an ETERNITY to decide. (11%, 408 Votes)
  • There is no perfume name to encapsulate my feelings (14%, 524 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,864

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