My initial reaction to this dress was, “OOOOOH.” Very eloquent. But the hodge-podge of color and sparkle and maybe even texture just felt very alive to me. Then I looked at a quick video she posted to Instagram, and something about the way she moved in it made things seem perhaps a bit scratchier and heavier or maybe clunkier than I imagined — which is not itself a ding, as we won’t ever see ANY of the clothes we look at here in person, so it’s kind of hard to judge. But it didn’t exist on the same dazzling tier for me as it does in this photo. And that’s when, suddenly, I remembered this long-sleeve t-shirt I got from Target during one of their collabs of yore (I cannot for the life of me remember which) that looked very much like a bunch of neon highlights had leaked from top to bottom. Every time I see it in photos, I think it looks like I had a terrible day at paintball, which is jarring when they’re travel photos and I’m standing in front of a stunning vista in Heidelberg or whatever. So now I’m all up in my own head and I need you to set me straight:

Help: Is it an unfug, a fab, or a fug? Or none?

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[Photo: German Larkin for WSJ. Magazine]