Somewhere in Paris, Kristen Stewart is looking at this and thinking, “I cannot believe I didn’t think to put dibs on that one.” (Having said that, she looked comparatively reasonable in her own Chanel this morning.) I have to confess that I think the little pop of red on the nail sort of makes this, although a well-done suit is always going to get a passing grade.

This also passes, but it gets dinged for being kinda boring:

'On the Fringe' film photocall, Madrid, Spain - 03 Oct 2022

It’s absolutely not bad. It’s a classic Chanel suit. She can wear the jacket and tee with jeans and look adorable. It’s totally reasonable. The styling is adept. But if I were grading this like a paper, I might write, “I think you can do more than this, Penelope. Are you coasting? Think about it. B+.”

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